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The ' Universidad del Tolima (UT ) ', is a faculty of higher education located in the Colombian city of Ibague capital of the department of Tolima, is a public autonomous institution departmental order created by Ordinance No. 005 of 1945, with legal, academic, administrative and financial autonomy and independent heritage that develops and manages its budget in accordance with the functions accordingly. In regard to policy and planning in the education sector is under the Ministry of National Education Colombia.

It offers a wide range of academic, a modality has 23 undergraduate academic programs 3 technologies, 14 majors, 12 master's, one doctorate and distance mode offers 11 undergraduate degree programs, graduate 3, 4 technologies, 4 professional technicians, many of these programs are recognized for their high quality accreditation .

The Universidad del Tolima has the Institute of Education.. Distance ( Devise ) one of the largest and most important of Colombia because it has regional centers in the cities of Ibague, Bogotá (Chia (Cundinamarca ), El Tunal, Kennedy ( Bogota ) Kennedy ), Medellin, Cali, Pereira, Neiva, Armenia, Popayán, Mocoa, Buenaventura (Valle del Cauca), Girardot, Pitalito, El Espinal ( Tolima), Puerto Asis, Chaparral, Garzón ( Huila ), Campoalegre, Rivera ( Huila ), Algeciras ( Huila ) Santander de Quilichao, Urabá, Villeta (Cundinamarca ), Sibate, Fred and all municipalities in the department of Tolima

In the national rankings University of Tolima is one of the largest in the country (35,000) and one of the students in academic and research best quality in the long list of public college’s remarkable career, and one of the top -level general.

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