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Baucau Teachers College


Baucau Teachers College is a teacher education facility in East Timor.

The College was founded in 2001 by the international teaching congregation, the Marist Brothers, at the request of the Bishop of Baucau. It is the only dedicated, internationally organised provider of primary teacher education in East Timor. Brother Mark Paul was the Director in 2001.

In 2003 the College accepted its first group of student teachers. Prior to 2000, 90% of teachers were from Indonesia. The Institute accepts applications from all the thirteen districts based on final Year 12 results plus an entrance interview.

A three-year Primary Teacher Training course is available at the Baucau Teachers College. This institution is accredited through the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. The cost for each student is around $1000 AUD per year. This cost covers all course costs, travel to and from home, food and accommodation and books.

Young people from all areas of East Timor who have an interest in teaching as a career are admitted. They need to provide references from local leaders in their village like School Principals, Parish Priests and Village Chiefs.

A Scholarship Commission consisting of three people of standing in the Ermera District was set up in 2007. The Commission has also been allocating scholarships to encourage girls from needy families to stay in high school. The Scholarship Commission monitors the progress of the scholarship recipients.

On 18 November 2006 the Australian Catholic University honoured its first teaching graduates in East Timor, with ACU-accredited degrees from the College. A group of 48 graduates received their Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) in a ceremony held in Baucau. Six other students received certificates and postgraduate qualifications in front of an audience, which included the Prime Minister of East Timor Jose Ramos-Horta.

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