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Logo Université James-Cook

Université James-Cook

DouglasManagement Industrie du Tourisme, Hôtellerie, Restaurant Génétique, Hérédité Sciences des Services de Santé

James Cook University (JCU) is a public university and is the second oldest university in Queensland, Australia. JCU is a teaching and research institution. The University's main campuses are located in the tropical cities of Cairns, Singapore and Townsville. JCU also has study centres in Mount Isa, Mackay and Thursday Island. A Brisbane campus, operated by Russo Higher Education, delivers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to international students. The University’s main fields of research include marine sciences, biodiversity, sustainable management of tropical ecosystems, genetics and genomics, tropical health care and tourism.
Logo Université Curtin

Université Curtin


Curtin University (a trademark of Curtin University of Technology) is an Australian public university based in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. The University is named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin, and is the largest university in Western Australia, with over 50,000 students (as of 2014).

Curtin was conferred University status after the legislation was passed by the State Government of Western Australia in 1986. Since then, the University has been expanding its presence and currently has campuses in Sydney, Singapore, and Sarawak. It has ties with 90 exchange universities in more than 20 countries. The University comprises five main faculties with over 95 specialists centres.

Curtin was awarded five-stars overall in the annual QS Stars university ratings for 2014. Curtin is ranked 284 by QS World University Rankings 2013. As of 2013, the University is also ranked in The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) as one of the top 500 world universities.

To date, Curtin Creative Writing staff and alumni have won the Miles Franklin Award a total of 7 times.

Curtin University is a member of Australian Technology Network (ATN), and is active in research in a range of academic and practical fields, including (but not limited to) Resources and Energy (e.g. petroleum gas), Information and Communication, Health, Ageing and Well-being (Public Health), Communities and Changing Environments, and Growth and Prosperity and Creative Writing. It is the only Western Australian university to produce a PhD recipient of the AINSE gold medal, which is the highest recognition for PhD-level research excellence in Australia and New Zealand.

Curtin has become active in research and partnerships overseas, particularly in mainland China. It is involved in a number of business, management, and research projects, particularly in supercomputing, where the university participates in a tri-continental array with nodes in Perth, Beijing, and Edinburgh. Western Australia has become an important exporter of minerals, petroleum and natural gas. The Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited the Woodside-funded hydrocarbon research facility during his visit to Australia in 2005.
Logo Yale-NUS College

Yale-NUS College


Yale-NUS College is a liberal arts college in Singapore. Yale-NUS was established in 2011 as a collaboration between Yale University and the National University of Singapore. It is the first liberal arts college in Singapore and one of the few in Asia. The first class, the class of 2017, consisted of 157 students entering in 2013. Over several years, the college intends to increase its student body to 1,000 students and its teaching faculty to 100.

Admission to the inaugural class began in 2012 and took place over four rounds, with an acceptance rate slightly below 4%. According to Yale-NUS College, the yield for the class entering in 2013 is 52%. About 60 percent of students at Yale-NUS are Singaporeans and 40 percent are international students. In 2013, the admission rate dropped to 3% and the demographic remained consistent. Apart from Singapore University of Technology and Design, Yale-NUS is the only other college in Singapore to follow a holistic admissions process similar to that followed by Yale and other American universities. Yale-NUS students are granted either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree by NUS. The college currently offers 15 majors. It is the first institution outside New Haven, Connecticut, that Yale University has developed in its 300-year history, making Yale the first US Ivy League school to establish a college bearing its name in Asia. Like both Yale and NUS, Yale-NUS follows a need-blind admission policy and offers financial aid on a full-need basis. Yale-NUS also distributes scholarships to some admitted students based on academic merit.

The college's motto is "A community of learning, founded by two great universities, in Asia, for the world" and this phrase has been painted on a central wall at the temporary campus on the NUS grounds.

The project has been criticized by members of the Yale faculty and alumni concerned that the relative lack of political freedom and restrictions on speech and protest in Singapore would negatively impact the rights of students. Singapore laws ban the formation of political parties or branches of political parties on university campuses, including at Yale-NUS. Some initial students and faculty have cited the establishment and prominence of various independent student societies, such as an LGBT advocacy organization, as evidence the Singapore government does not intend to interfere with student affairs. The Yale-NUS library contains literary works which are banned elsewhere in Singapore, and in 2014 the college sought to show the banned film To Singapore With Love, however, the film's director did not agree to the screening.
Logo SMU School of Law

SMU School of Law

SingaporeDroitMathématique, Statistiques, FinanceAffairesEconomieManagement

The Singapore Management University School of Law (SMU School of Law) is one of the six schools of Singapore Management University, and Singapore's second law school. The school is headed by Professor Yeo Tiong Min, Singapore's first Honorary Senior Counsel. The Advisory Board is chaired by Lucien Wong, Chairman and Senior Partner of Allen & Gledhill LLP. The school offers a four-year undergraduate single Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree programme, and a five-year double degree programme combining the law degree programme with one of SMU's existing non-law programmes: accountancy, business, economics, information systems, or social sciences. The school also has a full-time two- to three-year graduate Juris Doctor (JD) programme, and offers a Master of Laws (LLM) with specialisations in Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution, and Islamic Law and Finance.

The school took in 90 students in AY 2007, reaching a steady-state intake of 120 from AY 2008 onwards. Admission to the law programme is competitive. About 700 applicants out of 1,000 applicants who apply each year are shortlisted for an interview and a written test, with only about 120 admitted each year. In 2012, 115 places were taken up. It is likely that the school would revise its annual intake of undergraduates upwards to 180 undergraduates annually in the next three to five years, starting from AY 2013.

As of August 2015, in less than four years since its first batch of students graduated in 2011, the school has won 14 championships and 14 first-runner-up titles in international moot competitions, in addition to nine national round championships. The school has also reached the championship final on its international debut in 11 moots, winning six.
Logo SMU School of Social Sciences

SMU School of Social Sciences

SingaporeManagementSciences PolitiquesPsychologieSociologieEtudes culturellesEthnie, Etudes Familiales

The School of Social Sciences (SOSS) is one of the six schools at the Singapore Management University (SMU), and the first institution in Singapore to offer a multidisciplinary and liberal arts education. SOSS awards the Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) degree upon successful completion of the four-year undergraduate programme; Masters in Tri-Sector Collaboration and PhD in Psychology for its postgraduate and research programmes respectively. BSocSc programme candidates may choose to declare a primary major in Political Science, Psychology or Sociology, and may attempt a secondary major offered by any SMU schools. Additionally, SOSS offers three majors that SMU undergraduates may attempt as a secondary major: Public Policy and Public Management (PPPM), International and Asian Studies (IAS) or Arts and Cultural Management (ACM).

SOSS is the smallest school in SMU in terms of enrolment, and is often considered the most tightly knit community in SMU. It is often referred informally within SMU as the "SOSS family" by faculty members and undergraduates.

SOSS graduates typically fare better than other Social Sciences graduates who attempted a comparable programme offered by NUS or NTU. Employment statistics published by the Ministry of Education consistently reported that SOSS graduates with a %#* Laude and above earn a higher median gross monthly salary than their counterparts from NUS or NTU, and are on par with their counterparts from the SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business. Graduates often joins the private sector, civil service, non-governmental organisations, and advocacy groups. SOSS graduates fared well in admission to postgraduate education as well, and have been accepted in a wide range of Masters and PhD programmes in prestigious universities, including at the University of Oxford, Harvard University, London School of Economics, Erasmus University, Princeton University and Columbia University.

SOSS has also hosted distinguished academics such as Professor Ezra Vogel of Harvard University, Professor Elizabeth Perry of Harvard University, Professor John Ikenberry of Princeton University, and Professor Huang Yasheng of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, giving SOSS students the unique opportunity to tap the minds of these respected thinkers.

SOSS hosts an annual Social Sciences Conference for pre-university students in Singapore, which inaugurated in 2012. The Social Sciences Conference is a student-led event, where over 250 students from various pre-university institutions visit the SMU School of Social Sciences campus to attend interactive seminars and dialogues with SOSS faculty members, undergraduates, and industry leaders.
Logo Université nationale de Singapour

Université nationale de Singapour

SingaporeAffaires Droit

L'université nationale de Singapour (anglais : National University of Singapore ; abréviation anglaise : NUS ; chinois : 新加坡国立大学 ; pinyin : Xīnjiāpō Guólì Dàxué ; abréviation chinoise : 国大 ; malais : Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura ; tamoul : சிங்கப்பூர் தேசிய பல்கலைக்) est une université située à Singapour.
Logo Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

CardiffIndustrie Alimentaire Industrie du Tourisme, Hôtellerie, Restaurant Agriculture, Pêche, Alimentaire

Cardiff Metropolitan University (Welsh: Prifysgol Fetropolitan Caerdydd), formerly University of Wales Institute, Cardiff (UWIC), is a university situated in Cardiff. It operates from two campuses: Llandaff on Western Avenue and Cyncoed campus to the north-east of the city.

The university has over 12,000 students. The university offers degree courses in a variety of disciplines. Study is available at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, full-time and part-time, and research opportunities are offered. Cardiff Metropolitan University has a number of research and enterprise centres, including the Food Industry Centre, the Welsh Centre for Tourism Research, and the National Centre for Product Design and Development Research.
Logo Université nationale de Singapour

Université nationale de Singapour

SingaporeAffaires Droit

L'université nationale de Singapour (anglais : National University of Singapore ; abréviation anglaise : NUS ; chinois : 新加坡国立大学 ; pinyin : Xīnjiāpō Guólì Dàxué ; abréviation chinoise : 国大 ; malais : Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura ; tamoul : சிங்கப்பூர் தேசிய பல்கலைக்) est une université située à Singapour.
Logo Université nationale de Singapour

Université nationale de Singapour

SingaporeAffaires Droit

L'université nationale de Singapour (anglais : National University of Singapore ; abréviation anglaise : NUS ; chinois : 新加坡国立大学 ; pinyin : Xīnjiāpō Guólì Dàxué ; abréviation chinoise : 国大 ; malais : Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura ; tamoul : சிங்கப்பூர் தேசிய பல்கலைக்) est une université située à Singapour.

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