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Universidad Católica Santo Domingo (La Católica) – UCSD (Santo Domingo Catholic University) is a private Catholic university located in the archdiocese of Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic. The university was first established in 1982, with 65 students first entering the school in the following year.

The university currently contains over 5,000 students and 250 faculty members. It is one of the private universities in Santo Domingo, but it is commonly known as "La Católica", and its population is mostly middle-class students who work and study full-time, and pay their own tuition. The professors are good, and most of the classes are relatively small, so it ensures individualized attention in the learning process. It is mostly known for its Education program, and its Business Faculty, recently also the faculties of both Communications and Publicity [Advertising] have been gaining their place in the university market.

Faculties: Diplomacy and International Relations; Odontology or Dentistry; Engineering system; Architecture; Economics; Psychology; Faculty of Law; Tourism; Social communication; Administration; Physiotherapy, Marketing...

The University has a sport department which they look forward to have completely developed with a tremendous soccer team (currently Prof. Jaime Paez head coach, Lendz Heriveaux coach assistant and Serge Junior Fecu captain); it also has a basketball team; then a Volleyball one. After the creation of the soccer team, they have participated in some nearby tournaments, such as the one done by the Sports Ministry(inter Universities) and they ended up having the most valuable player of the whole tournament in the name of Stephano Reyes. They right after ended up at the second position in another tournament done by the Universidad Tecnologica de santiago (UTESA). The team has a stunning diversity, combined with some motivated Haitians, in the majority, Dominicans, Venezuelans and Colombians. They play both Futsal and regular soccer (big field).

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