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Logo Université Tribhuvan

Université Tribhuvan

KirtipurMathématique, Statistiques, Finance

L'université Tribhuvan est une université située à Kathmandou au Népal. Elle est créée en 1959. Elle accueille environ 600 000 étudiants.
Logo Mid Western University • MU

Mid Western University • MU


Mid Western University is a state run university located in Surkhet, the regional headquarters of the midwestern development region of Nepal. As part of Nepal Governments' policy to establish regional universities in order to expand easy access of higher education to the people of this region, the government of Nepal had formed a team in 07-12-2007 to establish Mid-Western University in Birendranagar within 2009. This serves as a regional university for the whole Mid-western Development Regions of Nepal. This university is expected to make the change of strategy over the education system of this region. The locals of this city are very happy by the decision of the government. They had contributed significantly into the fundraising program started by the preparation committee led by Mr. Bhushan Manandhar. About 220 Bigha's of land and 15 million Nepali Rupees was raised from the enthusiastic people in this small town. Mr. Moti Prasad Sapkota, an all time philanthropist and education supporter, became the biggest donor by financing a million Nepali rupees toward the establishment of this higher education endeavor.

Mr. Padam Lal Devekota was appointed as the first Vice Chancellor of the university and he served the university for about 2 year before leaving the university over some controversy. With the recent appointment of Kali Prasad pandey as the second Vice Chancellor and Dr. Mahendra kumar Malla as registrar, the university is fully functional. Admission for the various streams has been started. Vice Chancellor is the highest ranking executive in the university because Chancellor of all universities in Nepal is the Prime Minister himself.
Logo Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University

Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University


The Institute of Engineering (IOE) (Nepali: ईन्जिनियरिङ अध्ययन संस्थान), founded in 1930 is the first technical school of Nepal. It was reformed in the present shape in 1972 as an organ of Tribhuvan University. Besides producing low and tertiary level technicians, IOE runs professional diplomas, under graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs. The institute has four constituent and ten affiliated campuses in the country.
Logo Université Tribhuvan

Université Tribhuvan

KirtipurMathématique, Statistiques, Finance

L'université Tribhuvan est une université située à Kathmandou au Népal. Elle est créée en 1959. Elle accueille environ 600 000 étudiants.

Nepal Law Campus, Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University


Nepal Law Campus (Nepali: नेपाल ल क्याम्पस), originally called Nepal Law College, is the oldest college under the Faculty of Law of Tribhuvan University - the oldest and largest university of Nepal. Nepal Law Campus was established in 1954 under the leadership of Prof. Ram Raj Pant who was also its founding Principal. As a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University and as the oldest institution imparting legal education in Nepal, the campus has made great contributions in advancing legal education and establishing the system of rule of law in the country. The campus has proud history of graduates who have provided highest leadership for judiciary and other mechanism within the country and abroad.

Nepal Law Campus offers three year Bachelor of Laws (LLB), a five-year Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Laws (BA LLB) and a two-year Master of Laws (LLM) programs. The programs are taught by accomplished professors, readers and lecturers with varied background from government, judiciary and private legal practice. The Campus produces thousands of law graduates who are engaged in various governmental, non-governmental organizations and judicial systems inside the country and abroad. Its graduates have held highest positions in legal and administrative sectors like the Attorney General of Nepal, Chief Justice of Nepal, Justices of Supreme Court, judges and judicial officers in Nepal as well as known advocates and acclaimed academicians in various renowned universities in Nepal and around the world.

Nepal Law Campus is located at the heart of Kathmandu on Exhibition Road .
Logo Kantipur Engineering College

Kantipur Engineering College

PatanIngénierie Civile, ConstructionElectricité, ElectroniqueCommunicationManagement

Kantipur Engineering College (KEC) (कान्तिपुर इन्जिनियरीङ कलेज), affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal, is an engineering college located at Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal. The college has the basic objective of creating an excellent platform for the engineering studies. It offers the courses in Bachelor of Engineering which are Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Civil Engineering. The college is organizing a 9th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management & Applications SKIMA 15–17 December 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. In the year 2008, KEC had also organized the SKIMA conference in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The College is associated with FUSION (Featured eUrope and South asIa mObility Network), cLINK, SMARTLINK projects which are funded under Erasmus Mundus Action 2 (EMA2). These projects focus on fostering international cooperation between European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and HEIs in emerging Asian countries through the promotion of mobility at all level of studies and training for students, PhD candidates, Post-doctoral researchers, academics and administrative staff.

KEC aims to mobilise 160 students, researchers and staff in both ways between Asia to Europe under current SMARTLINK project. The SmartLink cooperation will cover various disciplines with strong focus on research and training in the field of Smart technologies for a wide range of application areas to address the research and technological challenges in these areas.

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