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Mongolian National University


Mongolian National University is a professionally managed-and-operated non-profit education institution that is committed to becoming not just the most prestigious private university in Mongolia, but also a distinguished global institution. All around us rapid changes have been occurring in industry, technology, and social structure and as they have, society's vision of the ideal workforce has also radically altered. Mongolian National University understands that to thrive in the modern world, it is necessary to constantly keep pace with the demands of change so we promote the paradigm of a university education that must constantly move away from convention, evolving and transforming itself in order to satisfy these new demands. By focusing upon the, ‘Preparing Future Leaders’ developmental strategy, Mongolian National University is initiating change and innovation in the community, preparing for future demands, and reforming school systems and curriculums. The Mongolian National University has reestablished the traditional spirit of universities with activities that cultivate intellectual integrity in education, illuminate humankind’s research, and foster community leadership through service. We are nurturing creative thinkers who will elevate global recognition of Mongolian culture; progressive, young challengers who will drive our high-tech industrial society; and ethical, global leaders of wisdom and compassion. As an academic community advancing across the globe, the Mongolian National University is leading the way to a bright future.

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