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Misrata University is a university based in the city of Misrata, Libya. It was formed in 2010 by the merger of Seventh of October University (Arabic:جامعة السابع من أكتوبر) and Almergab University (Al-Merqib or Al Mergeb University).

The university's main campus is located in downtown Misrata. Other campuses are located in the cities of Bani Walid, Zliten, Khoms, Tarhuna, Msallata and Garabulli. The university reports that it has 4,000 faculty members and enrollment of 55,500 students.

Seventh of October University was established in Misrata in 1984. It included fifteen department and five colleges.

The College of Medicine was started in 1997 by affiliation with the medical college at Al Fateh University. In 2003 the University’s own College of Medicine was established.

Dr. Mohamed Aldwaib is head of the university.

In 2010, Rasheed Mohammad Omar El-Meheesy (or El-Meheeshy), a law professor at Misrata University in the city of Zliten, led a committee that investigated the issuance of fake diplomas in Libyan universities and uncovered 150 fake bachelor's degrees issued by 22 universities. Eleven faculty members were fired and several students were expelled as a result of the committee's findings. On 19 May 2010 El-Meheeshy was arrested and imprisoned on charges of sexual harassment, apparently based on complaints filed by some of the expelled students. In prison, El-Meheeshy was not given access to his usual heart medication and he suffered a stroke. After he was taken to a hospital for treatment, he was handcuffed to the hospital bed. He was released on bail on 21 June pending a trial scheduled for 20 September. The Network for Education and Academic Rights issued an alert regarding his case, urging its supporters to contact Libyan authorities to urge them to ensure appropriate legal and medical treatment for El-Meheeshy and to continue the investigation of fake university degrees in Libya.

The main campus in Misrata was the scene of fighting and sustained significant damage during the Libyan Civil War in 2011. However, the university's college of nursing successfully graduated 18 nursing students in May 2012.

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