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Logo American University of the Middle East

American University of the Middle East

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American University of the Middle East (AUM) is a private university in Kuwait. It was founded in 2007, making it one of the first few private universities in Kuwait. AUM is based in Egaila area of Kuwait, with campus area of 130,000 square meters and 5000+ students in the year 2014. American University of the Middle East is affiliated to Purdue University and accredited by the Private Universities Council (PUC) of the Government of Kuwait.

AUM offers undergraduate and graduate programs, pre-college program and executive education. The College of Engineering and the College of Business Administration provide courses in various streams. Pre-college programs are available in English and Math. The American University of the Middle East (AUM) also announced in early 2015 the launch of their Nanotechnology research center in affiliation with Purdue University. The research center is set to be fully functional by Fall 2015-2016.

The AUM campus comprises buildings for Business Administration, Engineering, Library and Sports, an amphitheater and a conference center to open in 2015/16. Amongst the amenities are a professional soccer field (FIFA certified and one of the best in Kuwait), basketball fields (both outdoor and indoor), squash rooms, gymnasium (separate for male and female; plus students and staff), running track, cycling track, large parking areas and numerous cafeterias including Starbucks, the Coffee Republic, Zaatar w Zeit, PickYo, Elevation Burger and a Trolley shop. The main clubs in the university are Art Club, Music Club, Photography Club, and Robotics Club.

AUM is part of HumanSoft Holding, a listed company on Kuwait Stock Exchange.

In 2012 the whole University Campus was redesigned by the world known architect Günay Erdem and world known landscape architect Sunay Erdem with the support of the landscape architect Serpil Öztekin Erdem and campus took its current state.
Logo Kuwait Maastricht Business School

Kuwait Maastricht Business School

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The Kuwait-Maastricht Business School (KMBS) is a private business college in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Founded in 2003, it is the Kuwaiti counterpart of the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in the Netherlands. KMBS offers the first private graduate level Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Kuwait. KMBS has been accredited by the Association of MBAs. As of 2013, KMBS is the only internationally accredited business school in Kuwait, and the degree is recognized world-wide.

KMBS was licensed by the Council for Private Universities in February 2003, and Amiri Decree No. 140 (2003). Programmes commenced in October 2003 (Intake one) and since that date we have registered more than 1300 students and have graduated 700. In 2006, KMBS/MSM were awarded international accreditation by AMBA (Association of MBAs), and in 2007 KMBS was awarded Institutional Accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education, Private Universities Council. KMBS was thus the FIRST MBA provider in Kuwait, and offers the ONLY Internationally Accredited MBA programme in Kuwait. The MBA degree is awarded by MSM as a European MBA – internationally recognized and accredited.

Having its campus in Dasma, the college has one of the best faculties in Kuwait. Professors from abroad are the main instructors. Professors from MSM in the Netherlands come and deliver lectures, and the Graduation Ceremony is presided by the Dean of MSM.

Classes are held 3 days a week, 3 hours a day. There are 2 time slots conducted per week.

This MBA course is part-time, and is mainly aimed at ambitious working professionals, who can dedicate their time for this MBA after their work hours. One of the main advantages of this college is that only one subject is instructed at a time, so a good amount of concentration can be dedicated to a specific course. Assignments are done at the end of each course, either individually or in groups (depending on the instructors). There is a canteen within the campus. The campus also holds a modern library, entertainment area, prayer rooms, IT internet room and modern, well-equipped classrooms. They have a 3 month summer vacation during July, August and September. Because student numbers are restricted, KMBS provides an elite, personal atmosphere in which every student is given a high level of attention and service.

KMBS has a well established relationship with the National Bank of Kuwait, who recruit some of the top students who graduate every year.

A new sprawling campus has been planned, to be built in the Fintas region.

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