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Logo College of Science and Technology (Bhutan)

College of Science and Technology (Bhutan)

PhuentsholingIngénierie Civile, ConstructionElectricité, ElectroniqueCommunicationArchitectureFilm, Radio, Télévision

The college is the only engineering college in the country providing a degree level education. The college has successfully introduced Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Information Technology Engineering and Bachelor's degree in Architecture so far.

The college provides adequate extra curricular activities for the students to free their minds. One of the club, CST Kuenphen Tshogpa has gained quite a popularity over the years. The club dedicates itself into serving the needy communities with donated or mass collected items. Once a year, members travel to a remote school to help them with clothes, blankets, etc. The other clubs include CST Nature Club who dedicates its member into preserving the nature and creating mass awareness of the nature's value. CST Nyendrom Dang Lokzey Deykhang (CST NDLD) is a new brewing club aiming to provide radio service and electronics repairing shop in the campus. This club organize the Foundation day of college by creating event like fete day. Fete day give students a refreshing moments after exhausted time in studying. Another club named CST Nangpay Zhenu (The Young Buddhist) was active club. The members performs daily morning prayer (Rewo Sang choe) and coordinate the evening prayer as well. Moreover the religious activities are carried out by this club.

The most popularly played sports are soccer (football) and basketball. The college football ground is seldom left free. The students are known for their cooperation where all wear a uniform dress and cheer for their team in tournaments. The students also participate themselves in other sports like badminton and table tennis.

All the students and most lecturers reside within the campus. Daily meals are regulated by the student body itself. There are in total 6 buildings for students and several more for the lecturers all connected by a road which runs till the Academic Buildings.

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