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Année de création 1982

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    • The New Brunswick Student Alliance/L'Alliance étudiante du Nouveau-Brunswick (NBSA/AÉNB) is a bilingual student lobby group which operates in New Brunswick, Canada. Representing over 12,000 students across the province on 4 university campuses, the NBSA aims to represent their students' views to the provincial, federal and inter-provincial government. Fighting for affordable, accessible and quality education within the province, the NBSA works with the province, university officials and other stakeholders to ensure these goals are met.

      The NBSA has existed in one form or another since 1982. In its first inception it was referred to as the New Brunswick Coalition of Students. The current title was adopted and held from 1983 until the incorporation of CFS-NB in 1990. Eight years later, in 1998, the return to an independent student lobbying organization under the NBSA name occurred and CFS-NB disappeared. Throughout all of this, the main vision of a post-secondary education has remained the same.

      The current organizational structure consists of two elected executives. The executive positions may be held by any student who is a member of the NBSA. There is an executive director working at head office in Frederiction. The Board of Directors of the NBSA consists, in general, of the Vice-president externals of the student unions (or VP Education in the case of the St. Thomas University Students' Union) as the voting members and the presidents as observers. Any student members are also allowed to attend Board meetings or participate in committees.

      The NBSA has been very vocal in the past as New Brunswick went through multiple reports on post-secondary education in the province. These include the Commission on Post-secondary Education report "Advantage New Brunswick: A province reaches to fulfill its destiny, the Working Group Report and the final Government of New Brunswick "Action Plan to Transform Post-secondary Education". In addition to being active during the 2014 provincial election, the organization has actively met with numerous MLAs in the past two years to provide suggestions for improving post-secondary education in NB.