Universités impériales du Japon

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    • The National Seven Universities (国立七大学, kokuritsu nana-daigaku?) is formally used to refer to seven public institutions of higher education in Japan. The term "Former Imperial Universities" (旧帝大, kyūteidai?) is commonly used for these seven universities, as they once constituted the Japanese Imperial University system, formed prior to World War II.

      These universities are known for their great successes in research activities, in particular natural sciences and engineering, and hence the entrance examination is extremely competitive.

      Most of research grants given by the Japanese government are taken by them.

      The term is also used to refer to the annual athletic competition among these seven schools. The athletic competition started under the sponsorship of Hokkaido University, formerly known as Seven National Universities Athletic Competition (全国七大学総合体育大会, zenkoku nana-daigaku sōgō taiiku-taikai ?) in 1962. The Japanese name of the athletic competition was later recoined as 国立七大学総合体育大会 (kokuritsu nana-daigaku sōgō taiiku-taikai) in 2002. The competition is commonly called Imperial Competition of Seven Universities (七帝戦, shichi-tei sen?)

      In a wider sense, the term is used to refer to the social group once strongly associated with these seven schools, including Gakushikai, the alumni clubs.