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    • The KaosPilots (lit.: Chaos Pilots) is an alternative business school located in Aarhus, Denmark by to the harbor. The KaosPilots is an English education which yearly accepts 35-37 national and international students, with a minimum age of 21. It was founded by Uffe Elbæk in 1991 and today is funded by the European Union and student fees. The KaosPilot program teaches in the fields of leadership, business design, process design and project design. The educational philosophy focuses on personal development, value-based entrepreneurship, creativity and social innovation. The KaosPilot program was nominated by Business Week in 2007 as a top Design School and has inspired schools in Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands.

      The education was in Danish until August 2005 as the students were mainly from the Scandinavian countries where English is commonly spoken as a secondary language. In the summer of 2013 the Kaospilots school moved from their address to the neighborhood Filmbyen, the location where the school was initially founded in 1992.