Aalborg University Esbjerg, AAU

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    • Aalborg University Esbjerg (AAU-Esbjerg) is an organisational unit (department) under Aalborg University, but is geographically located in Esbjerg. The institute's official name is "Esbjerg Technical Institute", former "Department of Chemistry and Applied Engineering."

      AAUE has approximately 500 students and educates mainly engineers, but also offers a number of niche programmes such as fishing technology and a graduate degree in computer science education (bachelor of science in software engineering).

      Aalborg University Esbjerg was created through a merger of Engineering College Esbjerg and Aalborg University in 1995. Since the merger, the number of applicants for Aalborg University Esbjerg has risen steadily and therefore there have been a need for extensions of the physical environment in several stages.

      The university offers programmes in information technology, with a Department of Software and Media Technology.

      The student organisation at AAU-Esbjerg is called DSR-SE and the student bar is called "The Loophole" (Danish: Smuthullet)