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University of San Pedro Sula

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The University of San Pedro Sula USAP (Universidad de San Pedro Sula, or better known as "La Privada" [Private] www.usps.edu) was founded in 1977 and authorized by a governmental executive order on August 21, 1978

Promoters of this first initiative in private higher education in Honduras was a group of persons representing the business, professional, and cultural sectors of San Pedro Sula, led by Mr. Jorge Emilio Jaar father of Ricardo Jaar, current Executive President of the university. These leaders were very interested in offering alternatives and new opportunities for professional education at a higher level for youth and other segments of the population who wanted to reach their goals of personal development in an atmosphere of freedom, democracy, and respect for human dignity.

Initially, they offered two majors: Business Administration (Administración de Empresas) and Law (Derecho). In the years following, they introduced others: Agriculture, Journalism (Periodismo) although now this is called Communication and Advertisement Sciences (Ciencias de la Comunicación y Publicidad), Banking Administration (Administración Bancaria), Architecture, Industrial Engineering (Ingeniería Industrial), Computer Science (Ciencias de la Computación) now called Information Management, Marketing (Mercadotecnia), Tourism (Administracion Turística). In total, the university offers ten majors.

In the university's first year there were only a dozen professors throughout the disciplines. Today, there are more than 300.

In 2007 Universidad de San Pedro Sula together with Fundacion Educar, commenced the development of an educational media project to benefit the entire community in Central America, as well as the television and broadcasting industry in the region. Campus TV was inaugurated in November 2008.

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