International Council for Higher Education

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Established in 1997

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    • With offices in Bangalore and Zürich, the International Council for Higher Education (ICHE) is an association committed to advancing the cause of Christian scholarship all over the world, particularly in countries where educational opportunities are restricted, and to helping its members develop sustainable and integrated models of higher education that reflect biblical faith through learning and service.

      The ICHE was officially established in 1997 in Switzerland by concerned educators joined together on vital issues facing Christian higher education across the world. Since its founding, ICHE has addressed these wide ranging educational concerns by networking and partnering with educators, specialist agencies, and institutions worldwide. Through these relationships, established colleges and universities have been able to make significant contributions to institutions in the developing world through strategic service and program partnerships.

      The primary aims and objectives of the Council are to (a) network individuals and institutions involved in Christian higher education, (b) assist in the areas of curricula and program development, vision formation, faculty development, leadership development, teaching methods, and textbook/content delivery, (c) facilitate institutional partnerships through faculty and student collaboration and exchanges, and (d) provide accreditation and validation services for programs and degrees.