Copenhagen-Tartu school

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Headquarter City Copenhagen


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    • The Copenhagen–Tartu school of biosemiotics is a loose network of scholars working within the discipline of biosemiotics at the University of Tartu and the University of Copenhagen. The school has been instrumental in developing biosemiotics as a new perspective on the study of life, in the biological and environmental sciences. Notable semioticians working in the Copenhagen–Tartu school are: Kalevi Kull, Jesper Hoffmeyer, Peeter Torop, Claus Emmeche, Timo Maran, Mihhail Lotman.

      Occasionally also the name 'Tartu–Bloomington–Copenhagen school' has been used, as having succeeded the earlier Tartu–Moscow school.

      The biosemiotic co-work between the Tartu and Copenhagen groups was established in early 1990s. In 2001, Tartu and Copenhagen scholars inaugurated the annual international conferences for biosemiotic research known as the Gatherings in Biosemiotics, later organised by the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies.

      The School values classical works of Jakob von Uexküll and Juri Lotman.