Consortium of College and University Media Centers

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    • The Consortium of College and University Media Centers (CCUMC) is a consortium of providers of media and instructional technology-related support services at institutes of higher learning, primarily in North America but also throughout the world. Companies providing related products and services are also members of the consortium. The CCUMC membership comprises more than 750 individuals representing more than 300 schools and companies.

      The organization was originally founded in 1971 as the Consortium of University Film Centers (CUFC), and became the Consortium of College and University Media Centers in 1988.

      CCUMC conducts an annual conference of its members as a means to share information and experiences relevant to the field. The conference, usually held in October, is sponsored by one or more host institutions. The most recent CCUMC conferences were held in Buffalo, New York (2010 - University at Buffalo), South Padre Island, Texas (2011 - South Texas College), Las Vegas, Nevada (2012 - University of Nevada, Las Vegas), and Oak Brook, Illinois (2013 - Midwestern University and Wheaton College).

      The 2014 CCUMC annual conference will be hosted by Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, October 15–19.