Adelaide College of Divinity

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    • Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD) is an accredited higher education provider offering diploma, associate and bachelor's degrees, graduate diplomas, master and doctoral degrees in ministry, it is also a Registered Training Organisation offering certificates and a diploma.

      The ACD offers degrees in its own right and until 2011 formed the School of Theology at Flinders University in the Faculties of Education, Humanities, Law, and Theology, when that role was taken by the Adelaide Theological Centre.

      The ACD brought together the Adelaide Theological Library, from the collections of the three colleges. The library has grown since the merger and in 2006 held over 60,000 volumes, including many dating back before 1850 and some to the 17th century.

      Within the college grounds is a labyrinth designed by Adelaide stained glass artist Cedar Prest to honour the journeys of refugees and migrants. Symbols incorporated in the labyrinth include a large chalice and a central wafer - a reference to Holy Communion. A stylised version of the labyrinth is used as the college logo.