Accademia Musicale Mediterranea

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    • The Accademia Musicale Mediterranea (English: Mediterranean Musical Academy) is a music institute in Rome, Taranto, Martina Franca, Leporano and Santa Maria del Cedro, Italy. It was founded by Cosimo Damiano Lanza in 1996 as an national centre for advanced musical studies. It is located in the Palazzo Lanza in Leporano near Taranto. Every year, the Academy organises Piano Master Classes. During the summer months a series of concerts are held un dee the title of Emozioni Concertistiche - Young Pianists Festival. Annually it hosts students from all over Europe and the Orient. Since 2004 it has synergistic collaborations with universities, conservatories and schools: Brigham Young University, USA ; Münchener Musikseminar in Munich, Germany; Conservatory of Gap; France, Conservatorios of S. Javier; Spain, Bocconi University, Milan; the Conservatory " Pedrollo " Vicenza; Conservatory "N. Piccinni ", Bari; International Academy of Arts in Rome, Italy. The director is prof. Cosimo Damiano Lanza and the president is prof. Roberto Edgardo Rebuzzi .