Academy of Arts, Belgrade

    • The Academy of Arts (Serbian: Академија уметности / Akademija umetnosti) is a private higher education institution in Belgrade, Serbia. The Academy of Arts is the first accredited faculty in the Republic of Serbia in the field of Arts.

      The successful accreditation of the institution and its ten programs of basic academic studies is a distinctive acknowledgment to the Academy of Arts and the validity of its study programs: Acting, Dramaturgy, Advertising and Design, Film Directing, Film and TV Camera, Production in Arts and Media, Film and TV Editing, TV Directing, Photography, Sound Design and Music Production.

      The Academy of Arts was established and has developed with the aim of systematically conducting the transfer of artistic, professional and scientific competencies, stimulating creativity, developing new generations of professionals and artists, taking into account differences, respecting individuality and developing self-confidence.

      The studies provide a solid basis for the students to: apply for engagement in theatres, galleries, film or radio and television studios, agencies and multimedia projects; embark on a carrier of a professional and an artist; and/or continue master, specialist and doctoral studies throughout Europe. The curricula provided by the Academy of Arts – consistently reiterating their solid foundation in the field of Arts – encompass carefully selected educational and artistic contents, divided into the following groups of subject matter: - Art (A) - subjects targeting the acquisition of knowledge and understanding and/or mastering the skills conducive to creative involvement in specific domains of professionalized arts and development of specific artistic professional careers.